What Does It Mean? Chant- Grade 5 Lesson 2  


Here's a fun, original EigoNoto.com Chant/Activity for Grade 5 Lesson 2-
What Does It Mean?

  • What does it mean? X3
  • When you do this? Do-do-DO?! (do the action now.)
ALT: Lead students in singing, choose a student to tell what the gesture means. Later, ask for student volunteers to do gestures in front of the class.
ALT/HRT: Take turns acting out: baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, play (the guitar, the piano, the drums, the violin, TV games), cook, clean, wash your hands, brush your teeth, jump, swim, fly.
Students: Sing-a-long, guess the gestures. Later, volunteers come to front of class to do gestures for others to guess.

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