When Is Your Birthday? Chant- Grade 6 Lesson 3  


An EigoNoto.com orignal chant-

To save the file and play in it your classes, double-click on the video (or right click--copy link location). Then copy the url (the address in the browser window) and convert it to playable audio at http://www.zamzar.com/url/.

Chant/Activity- When is your birthday?
Materials- 2 dice.

  • When is your birthday? X3
  • My birthday is (in)....
  • January, February, .... December
ALT- Lead the chant. Each time at the end, roll the dice to choose a month’s name (any repeat = 1 = January).
Students- All stand and chant along. If your birth month’s name is chosen, you can sit down. (Or, all sit, and chosen students must stand.)

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