Materials: English-English dictionary; lists of 3-5 words, as many of the same list as there are teams, and as many different lists as there are small group members.

The skills in this activity help students learn how to say something when they don’t know the word itself- one of the greatest challenges for beginners who still have a small vocabulary.

Divide the class into 2 or more teams of equal members. The teacher stands at the front of the class and reads the definition of a word from an English-English dictionary. The first team to raise a hand and guess the word correctly scores a point for his or her team. This is a time for the teacher to demonstrate the skills.
Next the students produce the clues.  Give one member in each group one of the lists of 3-5 words. The students must not say the word, but give clues to the other group members. When all of the words have been guessed, the next student gets a new list of words and play continues.

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