From the Ministry of Ed's Practical Handbook for Elementary English Activities  


There is not a lot of guidance published in English about the goals of the Eigo Noto curriculum.  Below are notes taken from Monkasho’s Practical Handbook for Elementary English Activities.

The goals of International Understanding:

  • Understanding and respect for other cultures
  • Building a strong sense of self as a Japanese as a basis for understanding others
  • Developing basic foreign language skills.
  • Structure of International Understanding
  • Activities to include foreign language conversation, international exchange activities and student research projects, among other things.
English and Foreign Language Learning
  • Ought to include experiential learning, including exposing children to foreign language and daily life in foreign countries.  Asian countries and cultures to be included as well.

Primary Aims
  • English activities for the elementary students are meant to foster interest and desire, not only to teach a foreign language.  It is important that students don’t learn to dislike English.
  • English used in everyday life is a goal, done while having fun, and physically active. 
  • The focus is also on listening to and speaking English, not reading and writing.

  • “It can be said that teachers are required to devise both contents and activities.” (page 124). However, teaching to students’ interests and expectations is expected.  Creating learning activities where students are the main actors is paramount.

What English Should Be Taught?
  • Spoken English
  • Language of interest to students, and found in their daily lives
  • Basic and useful expressions
  • Familiar topics with new, cross-cultural perspectives.

Flexible Use of Time in a Lesson Unit-page 141
  • Pilot School short activities were usually 45 minutes, but short activities of 5 and 20 or 25 minutes, and long activities of 90 minutes, half-day and full-day were also present.
  • School broadcasts, video and/or audio, for 5-10 minutes, 3 or more days per week.
  • Interactive programs, such as bingo games were done
  • Videos were produced with teachers and community members.

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