Eigo Noto Lesson 6-5-1 (1 of 2)  


Grade: 6
Lesson: 5 (1 of 2)
Target: I can swim. I can swim, too. I can’t swim.
Materials: CD and player; Text; a pair of dice

Greeting- 2 minutes
Teacher to Students- Listen and Repeat (some or all)
Hello, Hi, Hey, Howdy, G’day, Good Morning, Hola, Aloha, Bon Jour, Bon Dia, Bon Journo, Ni Hao, Konnichiwa, Anyohaseyo, Sambaino, Kiola, Selamat Pagi (am) (pm-Siang), Shalom, Jambo, Asalamalekum, Zzdrastvet-yah, Namaste.

Janken 4’s- Warm-Up/Review/Conversation Skills Practice- 5 minutes
ALT/HRT: Janken and do the conversation first together, then with a few students to practice/demonstrate. Listen and Repeat months’ names with students.
Students: Each student Janken and Converse with 3 others in groups of 4

  • W) When is your birthday?
  • L) My birthday is OO XX.
  • (1-January, 2-Februay, 3-March, 4-April, 5-May, 6-June, 7-July, 8-August, 9-September, 10-October, 11-November, 12-December)

Introduction- 4 minutes
  • I can swim. 
  • I can’t play soccer. 
  • I can swim, too. 
  • Can you swim?
ALT and HRT- Talk together about things you can/can’t do, using all of the patterns on the blackboard.

Let’s Listen 2- 5 minutes
CD- track 24-25. Boy- CAN play soccer, play the piano, make rice balls and miso soup; CAN’T play table tennis, play the guitar.  Girl- CAN play table tennis, play the guitar, make rice balls and miso soup; CAN’T play soccer, play the piano.
  • Can you play soccer? 
  • Yes, I can. I can play soccer.
  • No, I can’t. I can’t play soccer.
Students- Listen to the CD and draw a circle around the things the boy and girl CAN do.
ALT/HRT- Play the CD once, check answers, then play the second track.

Chant- I Can Cook- 5 minutes
  • I can swim. clap-clap X3 
  • I can swim, too. clap-clap-clap 
  • I can’t swim. clap-clap-clap
ALT- Introduce chant and lead singing. After first round, write students’ ideas for new vocabulary on the blackboard.
Students- Sing together. After the first round, suggest new words/phrases to substitute for swim and fly.
HRT- Suggest ideas for new words/phrases to students in Japanese.

O/X Game- 10 minutes
  • I can play soccer. 
  • I can play soccer, too. 
  • I can’t play soccer.
Materials: Australia Points Map for each student.
ALT and HRT: Take turns making a statement about students.
ALT, HRT and Students:
  1. Choose a student using 2 dice. 
  2. Repeat after teachers (I can play soccer.); 
  3. Students raise hands to vote if they think the chosen student’s answer is Yes/O, or don’t raise hands if they think the chosen student’s answer is No/X.
  4. Repeat question AGAIN after teacher.
  5. Chosen student asnwers.
  6. Students mark 2 points on Points Map if they guessed correctly. Chosen student also marks 2 points.

Find 3 People- 5-10 minutes
  • W) I can OO.  
  • L1) I can OO, too! 
  • L2) I can’t OO.
ALT/HRT- Demonstrate and explain activity: With all students standing, students make pairs. Janken winner asks an original sentence- the goal is to make a sentence that will get a positive answer. After getting 3 ‘I can OO, too!’ answers from 3 different students, a student wins and can sit down.
Students- Watch and listen to teachers demonstrate and explain the activity. Then, with all students standing, pair with a partner and play Janken. Winner asks a question, Loser answers. Students getting 3 YES answers from 3 different students win! and sit down.

Wrap-Up- 3 minutes
(Present common mistakes to the whole class. Write the mistaken point on the blackboard, and ask if anybody can see the mistake.) Or-
HRT to Students, in Japanese:
-What did we talk about today? 
-Were there some words you already knew?
-Did you learn any new words?
-What was fun or interesting?
-What was difficult?
-How can we make that easier next time?

Closing- 1 minute
Students: ‘Thank you! Good bye!’
Teachers: ‘You’re welcome! Good bye!’

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