LRP- Listen, Repeat and Point  


The idea of Multiple Intelligences tells us that there are many ways students remember best- and not all students do it the same way.  For this reason, it is important for us to teach in ways that will empower all students to do their best- for 2 reasons:

  1. For those students who are best able to learn in a given way, teaching in that way makes learning easiest for them;
  2. For students who may learn better in a different way, identifying and practicing different learning styles broadens and strengthens their ability to learn.
LRP- Listen, Repeat and Point is a simple addition of students pointing to pictures or other symbols while repeating the word or words.
Repeating new words the first time, it helps the students to follow an order or pattern, and to say the words slowly.  The second time, follow the same pattern, but speak a little more quickly.  The third time, don't say the words too fast, but change the order. This adds a bit of challenge to the students to keep them engaged. You can encourage the students to double check with their seat partners, too.

I tell my students- when dialing your own telephone number, you probably don't think too clearly in your own head what your telephone number is; your body has remembered the motions of the number so your head doesn't have to think about it.
In this way, we can use our bodies to empower our abilities to learn new words.

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