Interactive Introduction  


This is a step-by-step activity for introducing a short speech or dialog to students. The whole class works together to figure out what is being said- and all share the sense of success when they’ve done it!

First, on the blackboard, draw a line for each word in the speech, one sentence per line. Include commas, periods, etc.

Say the speech or dialog to students in steps:

After speaking the first time, ask students to tell WORDS they heard. Write these words in the spaces on the blackboard.

After speaking again, ask students what WORDS/SENTENCES/LINES they heard. Write these in the spaces.

Speak again, line-by-line. Ask students for MEANING in Japanese.
Repeat any steps, if needed.
After all words are complete on the blackboard, say speech one last time.

When you’ve finished these steps, the students should have figured out what you were saying, translated it, and had a chance to repeat it, too. And they will have done most of the work!

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