How to Keep and Score Points in the Eigo Noto  


Many of the activities are much more fun for the students if there is an easy way for them to mark points. This is especially true for the Maru-Batsu (O/X) Game. I have been suggesting an Australian Points Map, but have discovered a simpler way...

There are little marching teachers and children at the bottoms of the pages in the Eigo Noto. 
Using these as a way for students to keep points is very convenient- starting from the first page of each lesson, students circle one marching figure for each point earned in an activity. Then for each new lesson, students begin scoring points anew on the first page of the next lesson.
A reminder about giving points- give larger amounts of points for games of luck (those that are Janken/RPS-based, for example), and smaller amounts of points for activities that are skill-based. Giving points like this will help lower-level students to earn as many points as their higher-skilled peers. copyright 2010 Elton Ersch

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