Pair Checking  


There are no formal tests in the Eigo Noto classes, but there are times when checking students' work is necessary.

After doing a listening activity in the Eigo Noto workbook is an example. Here is a simple way for students to check their own answers.

Simply asking the students to check their answer with their seat partners before listening to the CD again and/or checking the answers with the whole class accomplishes many goals:

  • Students are self-directed. Successful language learners, or any learner for that matter, display an ability to learn independently.
  • Students check their answers in a (usually) non-threatening atmosphere, reducing their anxiety about testing. Keeping the anxiety level low in the Eigo Noto classes is paramount in achieving the goal of preventing students from learning to not like English.
  • Paired students get an opportunity to communicate together in their native language. One of my HRTs today said her students need practice in this skill. The Eigo Noto lessons are not only about communicating in a foreign language, but also about improving the students' ability to communicate in their own language.
  • Higher level students get a chance to teach what they know; lower level students get a chance for peer-level error correction. This is actually one of the great advantages of the mixed-ability classroom; use it to your advantage with group work.

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