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Team Teaching Together- 
Sharing Teaching Roles in the Language Classroom


For many teachers, team teaching is a new experience. Team Teaching Together is the product of team teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in elementary and junior high schools in Japan for 14 years. The fifty one team teaching roles in this book are actionable tasks that aim to make the most of your abilities, and that coalesce into a supportive team effort to make the most of your, and your partner’s, skills. And to help both of you make the most of the classroom experience for your students.

Phonics Flash Cards


38 Letter/Vocabulary Flashcards for introducing the letter sounds and vocabulary for each letter. 
-Download the file; 
-Print the pages; 
-Cut them in half (plus a little extra off the sides); 
-Laminate 2 flashcards in an A4 laminate film with some space between the two cards; 
-Then cut the laminate in half. You might want to cut/round the corners so you don't cut yourself while shuffling through the cards.

25 Games and Activities for Teaching the Eigo Noto 

Print: $12.60
Download: $10.00
A group of Japanese elementary school teachers I was training told me they wanted to learn activities that require no preparation, no materials and are time-flexible. Don’t we all!, I thought. 
Here is my response- For many teachers, every lesson starts with the same question: What are we going to do today? This book contains 25 games and activities for the language classroom, most of which require little or no preparation or materials. Often, it is not only WHAT we do in the classroom, but HOW or WHEN we do it that determines success, failure, or just a mediocre outcome. The first section of this book is devoted to a wide range of topics that confront the language teacher. They are included to help you make the right choices, not only about what, but also how and when, that will best insure ALL of your students’ success. The book includes 4 useful indexes, including Suggested Activities by Eigo Noto Lesson Number, and links to chants and materials downloads.

The ConFluency Card Game Book

Print: $12.60
Download: $10.00
The ability to speak a foreign language well requires one to interact quickly in conversation, both as a speaker and as a listener. The ConFluency (Conversational Fluency) Card Game was designed to encourage foreign language students to interact quickly and naturally in meaningful conversation. And also to teach students how to learn, without studying, from conversation. The conversations are student-centered, but content is easily focused by the teacher. The cards were developed for the foreign language classroom, but using the cards in the native language is a great way to teach and practice conversation skills, whether in class or at home, or just to liven up a party! In the book you get- -3 different, sequential card sets -12 pages of cards to copy- the cheapest option for making multiple card sets -Detailed instructions for play at home or in the classroom -Complete list of Conversation Strategies -2 blank card pages for making your own cards.

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