Eigo Note Lesson 5-6-1 (1 of 2)  


Grade: 5
Lesson: 6 (1 of 2)
Target: What do you want? Strawberries, please!
Materials: CD and player; Text; GTP cards for all students

Greeting- 2 minutes
Teacher to Students- Listen and Repeat (some or all)
Hello, Hi, Hey, Howdy, G’day, Good Morning, Hola, Aloha, Bon Jour, Bon Dia,Bon Journo, Ni Hao, Konnichiwa, Anyohaseyo, Sambaino, Kiola, Selamat Pagi (am) (pm-Siang), Shalom, Jambo, Asalamalekum, Zzdrastvet-yah, Namaste.

Janken 4’s- Warm-Up/Review/Conversation Skills Practice- 5 minutes
ALT/HRT: Janken and do the conversation first together, then with a few
students to practice/demonstrate.
Students: Each student Janken and Converse with 3 others in groups of 4

  • W) I like apples.
  • L1) I like apples, too.
  • L2) I don’t like apples.

Lets’s Listen 2- 10 minutes
Text- page 39.
CD- track 47. Repeats one time. Check answers the second time.
Ken- Soup, steak and pudding. Mai- Pizza, salad and juice.
Students- Listen to CD. Put a CIRCLE around the foods Ken orders, and a SQUARE around the foods that Mai orders.

Vocabulary Introduction Activity-Listen, Repeat and Point- 5 minutes
Text: page 40
Materials: 18 Picture Flashcards from text, or text pages 40
HRT: to ALT- ‘What do you want?’ SHOWING FLASHCARDS TO ALT 1-BY-1 but NOT to students AT FIRST. Show the flashcard to the students AFTER the ALT says the word so students can check themselves.
ALT: It’s a/an OO.
Students: Point to picture in text and repeat after ALT.

Song- to the melody of London Bridges- 5 minutes
Materials: Fruit flashcards (apple, kiwi, strawberry, banana, melon, lemon, grapes, cherry, peach, pineapple.
Blackboard: Post flashcards in the above order.
ALT/HRT: Lead singing: “Apple kiwi strawberry, banana melon, lemon
grapes, cherry peach, pineapple. I like everything. Except durian!"
Students: Sing along.

Chant- 5 minutes
Materials: fruit flashcards on blackboard.
  • What-What-What-do you want?
  • Strawberries-Strawberries-Strawberries, please.
  • Here you are.
  • Thank you!
ALT: Lead chant
HRT: Show a fruit flashcard in response.
Students: Listen and Repeat first after HRT and ALT.

Activity- Get The Picture (GTP)- 10 minutes
  • L) What do you want?
  • W) Banana, please.
  • L1) Here you are. (give one BANANA card)
  • L2) Sorry, no bananas! BYE!
  • -RUN CORN LION GIRL 12 20-
ALT/HRT- Demonstrate activity- then ask students to explain in Japanese (to check their comprehension). Demo with a few students.
Students-Pairs Janken, Loser starts. If the other student has that card,
he/she gives ONE card. Students form new pairs and continue.

Wrap-Up- 3 minutes
(Present common mistakes to the whole class. Write the mistaken point on the blackboard, and ask if anybody can see the mistake.) Or-
HRT to Students, in Japanese:
-What did we talk about today?
-Were there some words you already knew?
-Did you learn any new words?
-What was fun or interesting?
-What was difficult?
-How can we make that easier next time?

Closing- 1 minute
Students: ‘Thank you! Good bye!’
Teachers: ‘You’re welcome! Good bye!’

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