LDK #9-Finish with a BANG!  


This is the last in a 9-part series- Lesson Development Keys.   

When possible, finish your lessons with an exciting, uplifting or positive experience that will motivate the students to look forward to the next English class.

Having an Australian points map in the students’ English Files makes this easy (or circle points in their Eigo Noto)--let students color in the points earned in that day’s lesson.
The points are free to you--give them freely (but be careful to give high points for games of chance, like Janken, and lower points for games of skill and ability, to help motivate low-level students who won’t score well in games of skill.)

Following the rule of LDK #5, to place Free Speaking activities at the end of your lesson, is also a sure way to leave your students feeling good about the lesson (and to repeat, looking forward to the next English class). Free speaking activities tend to (or ought to!) be communicative in nature- most people, and especially the young, really like nothing more than talking to their friends (after all, isn’t that one of the primary goals of language use?!).  And a communicative activity at the end of a lesson is a great way for students to really USE what you’ve just taught them- students and teachers... everybody is engaged, interactive and feeling success!

Wrap-up for the 9 LDK’s

Using the 9 Lesson Development Keys to structure your lessons will set you up so that your lessons are meaningful and engaging for the students, help to keep their motivation high, and make lessons and activities effective and enjoyable learning experiences for you and your students. And your lessons will naturally Finish With a BANG!

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