Eigo Noto Grade 5 Lesson 3 Notes & Discussion  


This lesson presents How many?, numbers in English and other languages, different ways of counting on fingers and in writing, and playing Janken using foreign words.  The Final Activity is an all-class activity that discusses Japanese kanji that the students like, and their stroke count.

Points for further discussion and development could include:

Playing Indonesian janken (Muck Chee Baa).

Counting to 999 trillion in English, and demonstrating the counting system. (Students as a class are generally able to count to 999 in English with a little bit of help. Next, stringing numbers together,  222,333,444,555,666 for example, and teaching that each comma has a name (thousand, million, billion and trillion) is an easy way for students to understand).

The Final Activity seems a little off-point. The EigoNoto.com lesson activities focus on How Many? with Interview Bingo and Get The Picture activities.

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