Eigo Noto Lesson 6-1-3  


Grade: 6
Lesson: 1 (1 of 3)
Target: Large ABCs /Letter Recognition
Materials: CD and player; Text; ABC GTP cards; Phonics flashcards

Greeting- 2 minutes
Teacher to Students- Listen & Repeat (some or all)
Hello, Hi, Hey, Howdy, G’day, Good Morning, Hola, Aloha, Bon Jour, Bon Dia, Bon Journo, Ni Hao, Konnichiwa, Anyohaseyo, Sambaino, Kiola, Selamat Pagi (am) (pm-Siang), Shalom, Jambo, Asalamalekum, Zzdrastvet-yah, Namaste.

Janken 4’s- Warm-Up/Review/Conversation Skills Practice- 5 minutes
ALT/HRT: Janken and do the conversation first together, then with a few students to practice/demonstrate.
Students: Each student Janken and Converse with 3 others in groups of 4
W) Draw a letter on the partner’s back with your finger
L) Guess the letter

Song- ABC Song- 3 minutes
Blackboard- Write the ABCs 7 to a line (A B C D E F G), 5 on the last
ALT- Lead singing. English/Japanese style-  l-m-n   o-p-q-r...

Let’s Play 1- 5 minutes
EigoNoto- Top of page 8
HRT- Lead the activity in the workbook.
Students- Draw lines to connect the letter parts. Check answers with seat partners.
Blackboard- Draw 4 points in 2 vertical lines to mimic the pattern in the book.
ALT- Draw lines to connect the dots on the blackboard when answers are checked.

Let’s Play 2- 5 minutes
Eigonoto- Bottom of page 8
ALT- Read the letters for students to write.

  1. H, E, L, E, N.  
  2. H, I, D, E, Y, O.
  3. E, D, I, S, O, N.
Students- Listen and write the letters in the spaces. Check with seat partners.
HRT- Check students answers after they check with seat partners. Write the letters on the blackboard.

Activity- ABC Get The Picture (GTP)- 13 minutes
Materials- Cut ABC GTP card for each student (copy print 4 times, cut cards to make as many groups of 4 as there are students).
W) C-A-T.
L1) D-O-G.
L2) C-A-T.
Students- Janken with a friend. Winner says the 3 or 4  letters on his/her card. Loser also says the letters on his/her card. If they are the same, they form a group. 4 students make one group and then write the group letters (c-a-t) on the blackboard in order (for points later).
HRT/ALT- Demonstrate the activity, then ask the students questions in
Japanese to check understanding. Play with a student or 2 to confirm, if needed.

Activity 3- 7 minutes
EigoNoto- page 9
Blackboard- Draw a simple calendar with days SUN, MON, TUE... SAT.
ALT/HRT- Introduce the activity-
‘Look.  Here is a calendar. Here are the letters M, O, N. That’s for MONDAY. Write the letters M, O, N in your notebook. There are many letters. Look at your clothes, your books, around the room. Find some more letters of the alphabet and copy them onto page 9. Write neatly. Look at the letters your friends found, too.’
Students- Look for ABCs around the room and write them in the EigoNoto.

Wrap-Up- 3 minutes
(Present common mistakes to the whole class. Write the mistaken point on the blackboard, and ask if anybody can see the mistake.) Or-
HRT to Students, in Japanese:
-What did we talk about today? 
-Were there some words you already knew?
-Did you learn any new words?
-What was fun or interesting?
-What was difficult?
-How can we make that easier next time?

Closing- 1 minute
Students: ‘Thank you! Good bye!’
Teachers: ‘You’re welcome! Good bye!’

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