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The Students Don't Have to Speak English, But...
Things HRTs & ALTs Can Do (English list) (日本語のビデオ, part 1)
Things Your ALT Should Know
Team Teaching Made Easy
How to Team Teach Video
Where Do We Go From Here? Notes on Culture
Teaching Conversation Skills in Your Classes (Why)
What Do We Teach?
Teaching Conversation Skills (How)
Doing a Self-Introduction
Lesson Development Keys
The Goal of Eigo Noto Lessons- Simply
Pro Says Eigo Noto Can Be Used Flexibly
Please Speak More Slowly
Focus On What Students Already Know
Communicating With Sentence Patterns
Greetings for Opening Closing a Class
Lesson Plan Patterns
How to Use Dice in the Classroom
Activities -many need no prep or materials!
Eigo Noto on YouTube

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