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At the beginning of the school year, here are the questions I had for my HRTs:

  • How many TOTAL English lessons will there be in the year for each class/grade?
  • Will each Eigo Noto lesson or unit be taught in 4 sections, as is common in most of the workbook?
  • How many English lessons will the ALT teach?
  • Which book (Eigo Noto 1 or 2) will each grade be using? (Some schools use only 1 book for both grades...)
  • How will the ALT participate in the classes: main (T1)? support (T2)? fully team-teaching? other?
  • Who will prepare the lesson plans and materials?
  • In what order will the lessons be taught from the text (ex: 1-2-3-4/ 6-7-8-9)?
And when HRTs give me lesson requests, here are the points I ask them to tell me:
  • The class (for example, 5-3 or 5の3 = Grade 5, Class 3)
  • The period and time (2nd period, 9:20-10:05). Times especially can change on any given day.
  • The lesson number (1, for example), and which lesson in the sequence (1-1, for example, is the first lesson of Lesson 1; Lesson 1-4 is the fourth lesson of Lesson 1).
  • A written example of the target language for the lesson. This can be found under the Lesson number on the first page of each Lesson. This is a carryover from how I ask junior high school teachers to make requests, but because one of my schools uses the 5th grade Eigo Noto in the 6th grade as well, having this extra information helps me to not make mistakes in lesson preparation.
  • Most schools also give me the teacher's name for each class, which is also helpful (I taught with 19 different teachers last year).

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