‘Please Speak More Slowly’  


I have learned Spanish, Indonesian and Japanese. When I first used those languages with native speakers, the first phrase I needed to know was, ‘Speak slowly, please.’ I am sure this will be true for most students, as well.
I have prepared English for Communication and Classroom English posters for you to download and display in your classrooms. ‘Speak slowly, please’ is included on the posters.
A good time to introduce the poster and the phrase to your classes is when playing the Eigo Noto CDs. The CDs are often too fast for the students to understand. So when the students can’t understand the CDs, direct their attention to the posters, tell them the importance and meaning of the phrase, and then ask them to use it with you when they want to hear the contents of the CD at a slower speed. Then you can read the contents of the audio to them at a slower speed.

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